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The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

by on January 17, 2018
MPAA Rating


Plot Synopsis

"A housewife in the 1950s decides to become a stand-up comic." - IMDB


I had heard of this show, and saw a trailer for this a while back but ended up losing track of this. It took until the Golden Globes for me to find this again. My wife joined me this week in catching up on this as she was a huge Gilmore Girls fan, and this show comes from creator Amy Sherman Palladino. I enjoyed this show very much, season one is available on Amazon Prime and well worth the time to carve out. A solid duo of Rachel Brosnahan as the title character and Alex Borstien as her manager is brilliant. The show starts out a very happy place, a place that is very fairy tale like. Soon, Midge’s world becomes unraveled as her husband leaves her, she has no income, moves in with her parents (well cast Tony Shalhoub and Marin Hinkle). The show is at its best when it pits Midge up against reality, an example of this being the first time she gets so drunk and walks right onto the comedy stage. To watch Midge strip her self down to her raw form and then spending most of the season fighting her position of privilege and her being a Jewish woman in NY. To watch her fight in extremely witty dialogue to accept who she is and where she is headed is a thing of beauty.

What got you to watch this movie (adverts, talent involved etc)?

I was caught pretty quick in the dialogue and the pace at which Midge speaks. I’m a huge Tony Shalhoub fan and was happy to see his take as her father

What kept you watching the show?

The writing and supporting cast is top notch. The comedy scenes where Midge is ripping apart her life had me rolling in laughter so many times.

Did any production elements (i.e. sound, costume, art direction, production design) stand out?

In terms of technicality, it is solid. A great NY backdrop set in the early 60’s, costumes that are out of this world and a music set that brings you into the mood every time.

Would you spend money to see this again? In a theatre/DVD/Streaming?

Cannot wait for season 2 to come to Amazon Prime

What emotional response did the series have on you? During…after?

Feel good. I think despite its hard parts, the season wraps up really well and confidently. The show knows what it has, hopefully they don’t screw it up.

Do you think this film has a specific demographic appeal?  

Definitely geared for the over 30 crowd, but mainly those who like period pieces and comedy.

Was the language use in the film appropriate/authentic?

Yes. Never felt like I was taken out of the experience. IT was great to see how the consequences of a womans words and actions were once addressed, but how comfortable she was being herself and not being stuck to society’s standards.


-Quick, smart and witty dialog
-Great character actors that produce a strong supporting cast


-Some of the scenes with her husband Joel and his family were a bit droll and drawn out

Bottom Line

-A high recommendation and I don't find too many faults in the show

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