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by on January 17, 2018
MPAA Rating

2h 14min

Plot Synopsis

"Two men return home from World War II to work on a farm in rural Mississippi, where they struggle to deal with racism and adjusting to life after war." - IMDB

Production Studios

Armory Films
ArtImage Entertainment
Black Bear Pictures
Elevated Films (II)
MMC Joule Films
Zeal Media


After being in my queue for several months, I had the opportunity over vacation to catch this finally. And BOY am I glad I did. A solid film all the way thru with a strong cast and a very raw story.

What got you to watch this movie (adverts, talent involved etc)?

Netflix kept recommending this to me based on my past views. I’ve been liking Jason Clarkes work and seeing he was in it, I was willing to give it a fair shake

What kept you watching the film?

The story and cast was solid. I thought the story of a family being strapped by their circumstances and basically giving in, and then another family working toward getting out of their situation. Mix in a conflict of the families and their tie to each other via the war connections and the consequences of this while living in the deep south and its rooted racism.

Did any production elements (i.e. sound, costume, art direction, production design) stand out?

The cinematography was very muted, setting the depression to which these people lead their lives. Nothing was half assed, you felt the turmoil of living in that situation.

Would you spend money to see this again? In a theatre/DVD/Streaming?

Yes, but gladly, its on Netflix, so I could see it again, but one viewing was enough for me.

What emotional response did the film have on you? During…after?

A little sad. Sad for where this country came from, but also a bit for where we still are.

Do you think this film has a specific demographic appeal?  

People who appreciate drama, reality and history. Nothing is happy go lucky, its in your face and very raw, very real.

Was the language use in the film appropriate/authentic?

Yes. Never felt like I was taken out of the experience.


-A Beautiful time piece
-Strongly invested in the characters


-don't watch if you are in a good mood and expect it to last

Bottom Line

-Highly recommended

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