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Call Me By Your Name

by on January 22, 2018
MPAA Rating

Although I knew nothing going into this movie, I’m so happy I went. It was an emotional journey and one that is relatable to anyone. I laughed and cried. I journeyed to places in my heart that I hadn’t visited in a long time. A young heart always feels different than one that has gone through more experiences. Lovely. 


Luca Guadagnino


James Ivory (screenplay by), André Aciman (based on the novel by)

What got you to watch this movie (adverts, the talent involved etc)?   Actually, two good friends of mine loved the movie and told me to see it. I really hadn’t heard anything about it before I went.

What kept you watching the film? Did any production elements (i.e. sound, costume, art direction, production design) stand out? The movie is beautifully done. The setting is Italy in 1983. The cinematography is gorgeous as it pans the Italian countryside. But I kept watching mostly due to the smart script.

Would you spend money to see this again? In a theatre/DVD/Streaming? Yes, definitely.

What emotional response did the film have on you? During…after? I found myself remembering the feelings I had when I was 17. The excitement and the confusion…the absolute heartache. I was moved to tears hearing Elio’s father’s talk with him, knowing his son’s heart is breaking. His advice is beautiful…and universal.

Do you think this film has a specific demographic appeal?  I would love to say that anyone would enjoy this movie, but I am not ignorant of the times. If you are okay with seeing two men fall in love and have a physical relationship (done tastefully without nudity), then I’d go see it. If you feel this would make you uncomfortable in any way, I wouldn’t. 

Was the language use in the film appropriate/authentic? Yes. This is a very smart movie with rich dialogue about music, art, and human relationships. It’s charming and quite passionate.


The script, the acting, the scenery.


An emotional rollercoaster--if you don't want to go through that, I wouldn't go.

Bottom Line

See it.

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